Jim Accosta Leads Top Dem Into New Narrative With One Anti-Trump Question She Was Happy To Answer

Jim Accosta Leads Top Dem Into New Narrative With One Anti-Trump Question She Was Happy To Answer
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The FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home was an egregious abuse of power and Republicans rightly called them out for it. Democrats however took more of an issue with Trump’s response to the raid, instead of the raid itself. Just take a look at what this congresswoman said.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is strong with this one.

According to The Daily Caller. California Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren said Sunday that former President Donald Trump’s criticism of the FBI after its Mar-a-Lago raid was “potentially” inciting violence.

As Lofgren noted on CNN’s “Newsroom,” Trump had referred to the FBI and Justice Department (DOJ) as “vicious monsters” controlled by radical left scoundrels, lawyers, and the media. She went further and said Trump’s language is incitement.

Trump told supporters at his Sunday rally, “It was not just my home that was raided last month. It was the hopes and dreams of every citizen who I’ve been fighting for,” “You’re all enemies of the state.”

Lofgren’s office did not respond to a request for comment, nor did a spokesman for Trump.

Trump and other Republicans continue to sharply criticize the FBI after its Aug. 8 raid on Mar-a-Lago over boxes of allegedly classified documents.

As reported by The Daily Caller. On Sunday Rep. Mike Gallagher, a Republican from Wisconsin, slammed the FBI and DOJ for their “abuse of power” in relation to the raid – questioning why the House Intelligence Committee wasn’t informed beforehand.

Gallagher also brought up the October 2021 memo of Attorney General Merrick Garland regarding parents who spoke out at school board meetings and President Joe Biden’s speech in Philadelphia labeling Trump supporters a threat.

The FBI has proven time and time again to be the enemy of the people and not the impartial branch of government they are supposed to be. Instead of calling out the FBI’s abuse of power, people like Zoe Lofgren are going after TRUMP for rightfully pointing out their political attacks. It’s not about political party Zoe, it’s about weaponizing government institutions. If they can do it to Trump they can do it to you, and that’s not where we want to go

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