Obama Receives Another Award for Doing Little

Obama Receives Another Award for Doing Little
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 Since the world loves giving President Obama awards for doing very little, like the Nobel Peace Prize, he was just awarded an Emmy.

President Barack Obama is used to getting awards for things that he does not deserve, most notably the Nobel Peace prize for doing absolutely nothing to contribute to peace. Now as more awards are being bestowed upon him and his wife, it makes you wonder why.

Daily wire writes. Not to be outdone by the Grammys, which awarded former President Barack Obama two awards for narrating his autobiographies, the Emmys bestowed an award on Obama on Saturday for “outstanding narrator” for the Netflix documentary, “Our Great National Parks.”

Let’s watch his award winning performances trailer.

The media has jumped all over the fact that now, Obama is halfway to becoming an “EGOT”.

In popular performing arts in America, EGOT stands for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony – arguably the highest honors in TV, music, acting, and theater. People who have won at least one award from each category are considered to have achieved EGOT status and are often regarded as some of the greatest artists in the world. Previously, Obama won a Grammy for his memoir audiobooks.

I think they misspelled IDIOT, but I could be wrong. I wonder where Obama’s ego will take him next? Maybe a 2 sentence singing venture to win a tony, then some other random obscure work that would produce an oscar. More than likey.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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