DESANTIS’s New AD Is So Great Even the Left Is Praising His Accomplishments

DESANTIS’s New AD Is So Great Even the Left Is Praising His Accomplishments
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Desantis just released the probable best campaign add of the season, and it is drawing the praise you would expect it too.

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We know Desantis is the GOAT when it comes to being Governor of Florida. He has taken steps and kept his state free during the lockdows, fought wokeness at every level. He has taken many many personal hits and kept fighting to make sure his state is a free one. For his courage and tenacity he was GOATED by many. 

Daily wire writes. Ron DeSantis’ new campaign advertisement features ordinary people praising his leadership during the COVID pandemic on a variety of business, education, and cultural issues.

The 60-second ad, released by the Sunshine State GOP, features blue-collar Floridans, school-age teens, and senior citizens thanking DeSantis for keeping the state open for business while other governors closed schools and businesses. In November, DeSantis is running for re-election against Democrat Charlie Crist, and polls show his lead is widening.

Let’s watch this epic ad.

This ad has garnered a lot of attention from people across the political spectrum. 

The praise for the great messaging, and upbeat tone is well deserved.

There was even praise from Josh Krausharr an Axios political correspondent who is definitely left leaning.

The praise for the recent ad is strong, but it is the message that wins the day.

Louder with crowder writes. There are two things that stand out. Firstly, he addressed all of the hot-button, “culture war” issues in a way that didn’t make you aware they were divisive. It’s just common sense. From the female swimmer to the female golfer, the transition was masterful. He is also emphasizing his role in opposing the lockdown measures of the past two administrations. He definitely took the brunt of the criticism. This ad is brilliant. The ad should help him coast to reelection in Florida. However, if it were something more, it’s a great unifying message for the right to run nationwide over the next two months.

Desantis should win in a landslide. The ad was upbeat and reminded people that they live in one of the best states in the country. Go Team Desantis.

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