WATCH! Jill HUMILIATED, CALLS OUT Joe For TOTALLY Forgetting His Role As Husband

WATCH! Jill HUMILIATED, CALLS OUT Joe For TOTALLY Forgetting His Role As Husband
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Joe Biden made another embarrassing gaffe this week. This time he made a humiliating move at the White House and Jill Biden was forced to acknowledge it. It wouldn’t be the first time the First Lady had to do so but this one is just bad.

Joe Biden did was he does best, zone out and forget how to behave.

The Daily Wire Reports. Joe Biden got caught – and called out – on Tuesday for ignoring his wife’s standing ovation.

Greg Price, a conservative strategist, shared a brief video clip of the awkward moment on Twitter, noting that Jill Biden herself called attention to her husband’s failure to stand after applause had faded.

Michelle Obama introduces Jill Biden, the room gives her a standing ovation, Jill then says, ‘Honestly, everyone stood but Joe,’”

Obama and Michelle Obama attended the unveiling of their official presidential portraits at the White House on Tuesday.

It was Robert McCurdy who was chosen to capture the former president’s likeness – and McCurdy had already placed Obama high on his wish list of potential subjects.

McCurdy explained during an appearance on the White House Historical Association’s “1600 Sessions” podcast, “When this project came up, it was just perfect because it saved us the trouble of having to ask him,” he said.

Sharon Sprung was selected to paint the former first lady, who sat on a sofa in the White House’s Red Room wearing a blue dress.

At least the Obama’s had a good time at the ceremony because lord knows Jill Biden didn’t. This is just another day with Biden in office, forgetting how to conduct himself and for his wife no less. It’s hard to believe that a man who can’t remember to stand up for the First Lady is even considering running for President again. What is going on in the Biden Administration???

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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