DISASTER: Hochul Ribbon Ceremony For A Broken Hallway

DISASTER: Hochul Ribbon Ceremony For A Broken Hallway
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Kathy Hochul is so desperate for votes she turned up at a ribbon cutting ceremony for a hallway inside a subway station, a hallway that had something glaringly wrong with it during the ceremony.

Kathy Hochul is not a shining example of what a Governor should be. In fact, her tenure as Governor of New York is one of the worst examples of what a Governor should be. Hochul even has her own Democrat party coming out and endorsing her Republican opponent. Her desperation for votes has led her to a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Daily Caller writes. When Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul was holding a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday at Penn Station, the ceiling began leaking before the hallway had even opened.

New York governor announces new Long Island Rail Road concourse entrance to and from Penn Station. Janno Lieber, MTA Chair, told CBS News, “We’re finally opening a space in Penn Station that’s more human-friendly than rodent-friendly.” Hochul said we are literally raising the roof.

Lets watch. 

This comes after Hochul drew criticism from both sides of the aisle from a recent speech she made.

Next News Network reports. The NY Governor attacked New York Republican candidates and GOP voters during a recent speech, telling them to “get out of town” and “head to Florida” where they belong.

Obviously Hochul was jumping on others work to get a half a point boost in her polls. She is not the embodiment of a leader, it is a wonder how she even got the job in the first place. She has led her state to failure after failure. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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