Herschel Walker Blasts Democrats as Racists in Powerful New Ad

Herschel Walker Blasts Democrats as Racists in Powerful New Ad
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Herschel Walker takes a hard swing at Democrats and his opponent in the US Senate race in Georgia, landing a serious blow straight to the face.

The Us Senate race in Georgia is heating up as Hershel Walker is surging in the polls ahead of the November election. Recently he has gone on with positive messaging trying to bring back the era of sanity, and decrying the democrats constant use of race baiting tactics. 

Redstate reports. Recent polling has shown a surge for Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker, at a time when Democrats have also experienced a surge. In a new 30-second ad, the Walker campaign blasts mainstream Democrats’ focus on racism and division over opportunity and healing, pushing a message of unity and healing.

Let’s watch.

Walker has been gaining ground in Georgia as poll after poll show him gaining ground.

Next News Network reported. Now as Georgia is set for the November 2022 election, Republicans have gained massive ground in recent polls.

Grabien News service captured the moment Lindsey Graham declared who the next Senator from Georgia would be. Here’s a clue. Not Raphael Warnock.  Lindsey Graham on Tuesday appeared on Fox and asked about Hershel Walker’s senate race in Georgia.

Georgia needs to be a Red state again! We desperately need more republicans in the senate. Share the message and let’s help Walker get over the finish line!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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