Queen Elizabeth’s Death Prompts Remembrance of Her Crimes Against The Commonwealth

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After 70 years as monarch, Queen Elizabeth II died at Balmoral at the age of 96 and Twitter erupted in Celebration.

Following the death of the Queen many communities which suffered due to the British empire are celebrating. Namely the Irish, Black, Indian, Scottish and Indigenous.

One person on twitter wrote, “To those with thoughts about “respecting the dead”

In 1972, British soldiers shot 26 unarmed civilians during an anti-colonial protest march in Derry, Ireland. Fourteen people died on Bloody Sunday. All during #QueenElizabeth’s reign.”

During a soccer game this week an Irish crowd was heard chanting “Lizzy’s in a box”

Another person on Twitter Wrote, “Tell me why would I mourn for a colonizer who killed my forefathers enslaved,robbed and raped them. #IrishTwitter and #BlackTwitter. The post was accompanied by this picture showing British colonizers with weapons.

One Irish Woman was asked about the death of the Queen and said she’d put a stake through her heart”

She was vilified for what she said. But, with time, many people came out in support of the woman’s comments.

Many people also pointed to the Royal Families scandal revolving around the Jeffrey Epstein controversy.

According to Reuters, There were many scandals surrounding the Queen’s extended family during her reign.

As Prince Andrew slipped down the line of succession, he increasingly became a target for British tabloids who dubbed him “Airmiles Andy” or “Randy Andy” for his playboy lifestyle.

Andrew stepped down from Britain’s roving trade ambassador position in 2011 after his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein came to light three years after the U.S. financier was first convicted for child sex offenses.

In court documents four years later, Virginia Giuffre alleged she had been forced to have sex with the prince. Despite his denials, Andrew continued to be plagued by these claims.

Despite not admitting any wrongdoing, Andrew agreed to pay an undisclosed sum and avoided facing the public embarrassment of a trial in February 2022.

Many people questioned what the Queen may have known about this relationship and posted memes like this on Twitter. It will never be known how much she really knew but the questions are interesting.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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