“SEX ED” Gets Twisted New Rules, Book Surfaces Encouraging Kids to “WATCH”

“SEX ED” Gets Twisted New Rules, Book Surfaces Encouraging Kids to “WATCH”
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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier when it comes to introducing adult topics to children, a book making the rounds on social media is getting roasted for promoting sick RADICAL methods to “Have the Talk” with your youngsters.

You may have seen this pop up in your social media feed this week, and I’m sure the comments below the post were just as bad as the reviews left on the book before Amazon decided to pull it.

The Daily Wire reports, Thursday, a screenshot of an excerpt from a sex education book suggesting that parents invite their young children into bed to watch them have sexual relations circulated on social media.

The book, “Sex Education for 8-12 Year Olds: Kids Book for Good Parents,” supposedly written by Ana Leblanc, was removed from Amazon after numerous one-star reviews and comments were left.

The author of “Sex Education for 8-12 Year Olds: Kids Book for Good Parents” writes on page 47 that “children regularly hear their parents making love.”

The author writes, “A child should be gradually introduced to the ordinary mechanics of love-making and allowed to enter into the parent’s circle of love… Instead of being shut out completely and left to wonder how daddy and mommy do it”.

An excerpt from the page offers tips on how to get started by “educating your child about his/her sexuality.” The author suggests that “couples can deliberately leave the bedroom door open or ajar while expressing intimacy.” and adds, “Call upon your child to bring or take something away while you are expressing intimacy.”

In addition, the author recommends parents let their children watch their partners have sex in bed. “Take your child into bed with you and allow him or her [to] watch as you share intimacy,” she says.

Breast-feeding mothers are also advised by the author: “A mother should feel relaxed breast-feeding her baby while her husband makes love to her.”

She assures her readers that there is no shame in letting children observe adult sexual activity wrting, “A couple should have no inhibition having their child watch as they share intimate embrace.”

The restored product page indicates that the book was a #1 Best Seller in Children’s Nonfiction on Sexuality & Pregnancy on Amazon. The 57-page book was independently published on August 23, 2017, and priced at $7.98 for a paperback version. There has been no response from Amazon PR to the Daily Wire’s request for comment.

According to her bio (on the backside of the book), Leblanc was born in Scotland and began writing books following encouragement from her daughter after working as a teacher in Glasgow. Many of the author’s books on child-raising have received low ratings on Amazon, including at least six.

According to an Amazon customer review on May 10, 2022, “Book promotes children watching their parents have sex to learn about it.”. Completely not okay.”

In another comment, a reviewer shared a screenshot of the book page, writing, “Inviting your 12 year old child into bed to watch you having sex (whilst your wife breastfeeds….) isn’t my idea of sensible sex education. Like something from a Charles Manson support group.”

Additionally, several buyers complained that the author’s text lacked scientific rigor. “This is clearly a self published book with no scientific or logical support for a majority of the content. Yes, parents should be a primary source of sex education for children but this book provides no resources or structure to help parents accomplish this goal. The book is also full of grammatical errors that make it hard to read,” said an Amazon customer in December 2021.

First, there is a drag queen story hour first, then a drag show for kids, and then it is time to invite them into the bedroom to watch mommy and daddy? When will the madness end? This is the first time we have seen this type of education being pushed on parents. Thankfully, however, these methods do not seem to have permeated mainstream education. As we have secured a copy of this book, we will have more to say on the topic once it arrives. In the meantime, maybe a wellness check is in order for kids who have been exposed to this method… they are probably scarred for life.

Next News Network Team

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