Watch what happens when this reporter asks Kari Lake if she’ll be Trumps VP

Watch what happens when this reporter asks Kari Lake if she'll be Trumps VP
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The establishment media constantly tried to put politicians in a tough place with their questions. They want to see if they can make them slip up and embarrass them. That’s what they did this weekend with Kari Lake but she was too sharp. Wait until you see her response.

Well, it’s not every day you see a reporter ask a Gubernatorial candidate if they’re going to join a speculative vice presidential ticket, but that’s exactly what happened when Kari Lake was approached by a local news station. I’m sure you want to know what her answer was, so without further ado, let’s take a look.

The Western Journal Reports. Kari Lake said that she isn’t interested in being Donald Trump’s running mate should he run for president again in 2024.

During an interview, a reporter asked Lake about joining Trump’s presidential campaign.

Lake’s response was absolutely perfect for multiple reasons.

Firstly, she didn’t criticize Trump or speculate about his possible 2024 run.

It is possible that the reporter was just curious whether Lake would consider running with the former president. That scenario, however, seems unlikely based on the record of the establishment media.

The reporter was likely trying to catch the GOP gubernatorial candidate saying something damaging.

Maybe he wanted her to say she would join a Trump ticket in order to create the impression that she would abandon Arizonans after just two years, or maybe he wanted some sort of animosity between the two parties.

Lake instead used the question to address criticisms about her qualifications for governor.

Secondly, even when the establishment media tried to distract her from her core platform, she remained focused on it.

Like Trump, Lake has made disdain for the Washington establishment a key part of her campaign.

Lake showed her ability to center her answer around one of the key issues she has focused on despite being asked a question that could easily have led her down a different path. Many politicians do not yet have that skill, but Lake managed it with ease.

Social media users took notice of Lake’s answer and praised her for it.

One User Wrote. “That’s such a Great answer “No I don’t like D.C. & especially now” that’s a classic response. I wish more Republican candidates would stay on point the way Kari Lake can. Honestly she really is very good. No matter what the question from the Press is she can stay on point.”

IMG 2>>>Another said. “Might be the sharpest politician in the country right now. Beyond impressive. Happy she’s MAGA”

Kari Lake is an outstanding speaker, and she seems to care deeply about the needs of Arizonans and Americans as a whole. Arizona has made the right choice electing Lake this far and they will be in good hands if they choose her over Democrat Katie Hobbs

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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