Woke Liberal DC DEM Gets her own words thrown back into her face on illegal immigration

Woke Liberal DC DEM Gets her own words thrown back into her face on illegal immigration
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A DC City Council Member who was famous for stating that the city will no longer work with ICE and other immigration agencies, is now going back on her word and is begging for help.

Washington Dc and other sanctuary cities are seeing bus loads of illegal immigrants being brought from Texas and other border states in recent months. The mayors and governors of the “sanctuary cities” are now on their knees begging for federal intervention.

Western Journal writes. In politics, it is rare to watch a policy backfire so quickly and spectacularly as we have now seen in Washington, DC, thanks to Democratic Councilwoman Brianne Nadeau.

Nadeau boasted in a news release on June 15, 2019, that “Our law enforcement does not cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.” “The Metropolitan Police Department’s policy is not to enforce civil immigration laws, which only creates a strong divide between the police and community members.” It is also prohibited for MPD officers to inquire about immigration status or residency.”

Just this week Nadea’s boast came back to bite her on the rear end. 

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a public emergency over the bus loads of illegal immigrants coming from Texas, and called on the federal government to assist.

As a result, the DC Councilwoman who condemned ICE and other government agencies is now asking for their help, saying that “DC has become a border city.”

Lets watch her house of cards crumble.

All of this is happening after Texas Governor Greg Abbott began sending bus loads of illegal immigrants to “Sanctuary Cities”

Next News Network reported. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has now promised to continue sending illegal immigrants to Washington DC and this is as Mayor Muriel Bowser called in the national guard to help the city. Abbott released a statement going after the Mayor saying that now she can “finally understand…” what border states deal with everyday.

It is funny to watch these woke lefties scramble to find federal aid, when they condemned the border states for asking for stricter controls on Illegals coming across the border. Now as they watch their towns being overrun, they can finally begin to understand the smallest portion of the issues facing Texas and other border states.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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