Shocking Video: Senator Compares Those Who Question Election Results to 9/11 Terrorists

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Where does Senator Mark Warner get off comparing people who don’t believe in election results to terrorists? This kind of reckless rhetoric is dangerous and only serves to further divide our country. Shame on him!

We Love Trump reports, On Face the Nation, Senator Warner (D-VA) compared election deniers to 9/11 terrorists.

In addition to being vice chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus, the 67-year-old former Virginia governor chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Democrats have zero shame in making the comparison between January 6th and 9/11.

According to POLITICO, VP Kamala Harris also addressed “election deniers” during his interview with Chuck Todd over the weekend. Harris said election deniers and elected officials who support rioters are damaging the United States’ reputation abroad.

It’s absolutely disgraceful that a sitting U.S. senator would compare people who question the election results to terrorists. This is nothing more than an attempt to discredit and silence any opposition. Warner must be held accountable for his dangerous words, and we should all demand an apology from him immediately. Legitimate questions about the election are not terrorism, and anyone who says otherwise should be held accountable. We must stand up against these baseless comparisons and demand that our elected officials act with maturity and responsibility.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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