This Shocking statement from a sitting congressman about the U.S. Constitution will blow your mind

This Shocking statement from a sitting congressman about the U.S. Constitution will blow your mind
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This is absolutely outrageous. This just goes to show how out of touch these people are with reality. We need to get this man out of office and replace him with someone who will respect our founding document.

Just when you think today’s politicians have hit a new low, one of them proves that there is still room for them to sink even further. A sitting congressman has just said that the U.S. Constitution is “an accident waiting to happen.” Can you believe that? This kind of thing makes me sick. We’re talking about the document that lays out the basic framework for our country! How can anyone be so dismissive of it? I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised though – with people like this in power, it’s no wonder our country is in such a mess.

According to The Daily Wire. Congressman Jamie Raskin called the Electoral College an “accident waiting to happen” on Friday, which is the constitutionally mandated method of electing presidents.

Raskin, who was a constitutional law professor before his time in Congress, told MSNBC host Chris Hayes that the system was “vulnerable” and that the Electoral College had allowed room for “strategic bad faith actors” like former President Donald Trump.

Raskin actually received support for this absurd claim on Twitter.

One person wrote, “We need to abolish the electoral college”

Another said “Talk about a “stolen election?” It’s time to ban the #ElectoralCollege. Now. #VoteBlue2022”

People were also quick to remind us why the electoral college exists pointing to the fact that major liberal cities are often times larger than some states.

One Twitter user pointed out that LA county alone is larger than every state in this graphic with the exceptions of North Carolina and Georgia.

Another user praised the system calling it the best election system in the world.

Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) would do well to remember the words of our nation’s founders, who put into place a system that has served us well for over two centuries. The Electoral College may not be perfect, but it is what ensures that every vote counts and that the president is elected by the people, not simply by those living in heavily populated areas. I should point out that Raskin took an oath to defend the Constitution – including Article II, which outlines the process for electing presidents. It’s unfortunate that he seems more interested in playing politics than fulfilling his duties to the American people.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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