EXPOSED: The Dangerous Truth About Working at Target in Portland

EXPOSED: The Dangerous Truth About Working at Target in Portland
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A whistle blower from a Target store in Portland, Oregon is finally coming forward to share the dangers of working in the broken down liberal city.

The insanity of the left has no bounds when it comes to keeping criminals happy, and making sure law abiding citizens suffer. For the last few years officials in Oregon state, and the city of Portland have been putting insane, woke, extreme leftist policies in place that are removing funding for police departments and creating a safe haven for criminals. 

The Daily Caller reports that an increase in shoplifting and crime has made working conditions dangerous at Target. The Portland, Oregon, Target employee revealed that since the pandemic, the area and store have seen an increase in theft, making her job so dangerous that her family worries about her safety. According to the employee, shoplifting has increased and thieves are using weapons.

Lets watch.

Crime and homelessness has gotten so bad in Portland that residents are fleeing to other states.

Next News network reports. Homelessness is taking over Portland which is a Democrat run city. Their so called compassionate policies have led to a surge in homelessness and its driving out citizens. In addition to that crime has been surging at local shopping centers where flash mobs will run in and loot entire stores. 

In this case a box truck was used to drive into a T-Mobile store and people ransacked the building and stole everything not bolted down.

Homeless camps like this one are everywhere in the city, and some camps can be found in residential communities, at parks and along roads.

I want to thank the courage of the unknown whistle blower in Portland, it takes courage to come out and speak truth to power. I hope the message she shared can finally begin to open some of the idiotic left city officials in her home town, and begin to change their minds on their insane policies.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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