Lori Lightfoot’s hypocrisy is blowing up in her face after settling dozens of migrants In GOP Suburb

Lori Lightfoot's hypocrisy is blowing up in her face after settling dozens of migrants In GOP Suburb
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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been bussing illegal immigrants from the Southern Border to Democrat Cities to give them a taste of their own policies. Mayors of these sanctuary cities blasted the Governor for his method, oftentimes calling him cruel. It was just exposed however that one Democrat Mayor used Abbott’s method of bussing illegal immigrants out of her city and she was blasted for it. Wait until you see who it was.

Lori Lightfoot is in trouble now!

According to The Daily Wire. The Democrat Chicago Mayor has come under fire for busing dozens of migrants out of her city and housing them in a hotel in a suburb without warning.

The Republican mayor of Burr Ridge, Gary Grasso, accused Lightfoot of hypocrisy on Saturday. Grasso said Lightfoot bussed migrants into his town while complaining about similar behavior by Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R).

Migrants bussed to Chicago, a so-called “sanctuary city,” from Texas are being put up at a Hampton Inn in Burr Ridge that was also used to house refugees from Afghanistan. Upon the fall of the Afghan government last year, the withdrawal of the U.S. military sparked a humanitarian crisis in the country.

As a result of the U.S. southern border crossing, Abbott added Chicago to his list of cities receiving volunteer migrants. While they await their scheduled immigration court hearing, the immigrants claim asylum and are released into the U.S.

Lightfoot slammed Abbott in a press conference last week saying: “There could be a level of coordination and cooperation, but he chooses to do none of those things. Instead, he chooses to send human beings across the country to an uncertain destination. That’s unacceptable.” She even went as far to claim his policy racist and xenephobic.

Grasso said that his community’s previous generosity toward the refugees in Afghanistan “does not give carte blanche to the governor or the mayor to send a couple of busloads of migrants to our village without telling us.”

Grasso told Fox News. “The border situation on the southern border is a totally different situation than Afghan refugees. It’s total arrogance for the state to assume they can send migrants to the suburbs around Chicago,”

According to a spokesman for Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, the Burr Ridge Hampton Inn is being used to accommodate the migrants under an agreement between the hotel and state to house Afghan refugees. The migrants will be at the Hampton Inn for at least 30 days after arriving

Greg Abbott reacted to Lightoot’s move to bus the migrants to the Chicago Suburbs, his reaction is priceless.

It’s going to be tough for Beetlejuice to recover from this one. She was caught red handed doing the exact thing she whined at Abbott for doing. Either stop complaining about immigrants coming to your sanctuary city, or help Abbott secure the border so he doesn’t need to send them in the first place. I can’t wait to see how she tries to weasel out of this one.

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