WATCH: Leftist Chicago Councilmember Makes STUNNING ADMISSION about Lightfoot’s Crime Epidemic

WATCH: Leftist Chicago Councilmember Makes STUNNING ADMISSION about Lightfoot's Crime Epidemic
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Things are getting so bad in Chicago that even the liberal left are calling out Lightfoot for the failure she is.

Chicago is a failed city, its streets are run by gangs, not by law and order. The city faces failure after failure when it comes to attempting to control the rampant crime, and desolation of the city.

Fox news writes. A liberal Chicago alderman decried the city’s crime wave on Monday night, even questioning the utility of calling the police. George Cardenas, a Democrat, is Alderman of Chicago’s 12th Ward. He was appointed as deputy floor leader in Chicago’s City Council by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot in February 2021.

However, his loyalties to Lightfoot did not preclude him from lambasting the uptick of crime in Chicago.

Lightfoot has received a lot of criticism over the last few years as crime has skyrocketed under her insane liberal policies that favor the criminals over the victims.

According to Fox News.  As a result of the lack of support from Mayor Lori Lightfoot and other city officials for law enforcement, a Chicago 911 dispatcher resigned in August. 

Dispatcher Keith Thornton Jr. joined “Fox & Friends First” to discuss out-of-control crime and lawlessness that led him to resign. 

Watch what he has to say.

Chicago is out of control. Crime is out of control, and the murder rates are the highest in the nation. Lightfoot should have resigned in disgrace, yet she continues her march down the path of madness.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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