WATCH: “Little Marco” Rubio Drops Trump 2024 Bombshell, – Is He Begging For a Fight?

WATCH: “Little Marco” Rubio Drops Trump 2024 Bombshell, - Is He Begging For a Fight?
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It’s been pretty clear for a while now that President Donald Trump is not afraid of a fight, but what he might not be prepared for is a primary challenger from within his own party. In this video, we take a look at who that challenger could be and Sen. Marco Rubio has some advice for the president on how to handle it.

2024 election season is already starting to heat up with rumors of who will run, or not run and where the country wants to go after the tumultuous last few years. Now, we are starting to see some of the major players come out, and give some friendly advice.

Fox news writes. If former President Trump decides to make a third run for the presidency, Marco Rubio suggests embracing a competitive Republican primary. 

As part of a Fox News Digital interview, Rubio was asked whether Republicans should automatically support Trump in a hypothetical 2024 race or if he should face off against other GOP rivals. 

If Trump were to run, Rubio predicted that he would win the nomination, but he shouldn’t be afraid of facing other candidates and letting primary voters decide. 

Marco Rubio’s statement comes after national polling shows some pretty stunning results.

Next news network reported. You’re not going to believe this, but a new poll just came out and it shows that Ron DeSantis beats Trump in a hypothetical election! If you thought Trump was unbeatable – you were wrong. National polling in August indicated that Trump would receive just 46% support in a primary against DeSantis. Second-place Florida Governor Rick Scott received 25% of the vote, well ahead of third-place Mike Pence with 13%. Without the former President, DeSantis won with 41% of the vote, putting him 30 points ahead of Trump Jr. and 31 points ahead of Pence.

As we have said before, whether it is Trump or Desantis America wins. With Rubio’s suggestion for Trump to welcome contenders for a primary, it is a good suggestion and at least we know from previous years the debates produce some pretty awesome clips.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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