GOP Senator Launches Bill To Make Biden Admin LITERALLY Sweat Under Their Own Policies

GOP Senator Launches Bill To Make Biden Admin LITERALLY Sweat Under Their Own Policies
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In a righteous move Senator Joni Ernst is demanding that the woke liberal elites have to live in their own policies they are trying to force on Americans.

Liberal green energy policies are being implemented across the country. Nuclear and coal power plants are being shut down, and wind and solar farms are going up. Yet the states that are implementing these policies are seeing that they cannot produce enough peak energy, when demands are highest. Now a Republican senator is demanding that federal offices are kept to the same temperatures that states are demanding of their residents.

Townhall reports. In solidarity with residents in California who have been plagued by energy shortages and the threat of rolling blackouts resulting from the left’s “green” energy policies, Republican Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa is pushing for the Biden administration to play by the rules it expects Americans to follow with a new bill aimed at turning up the heat — literally — in solidarity with the left.

Senator Ernst spoke of California’s energy crisis, when residents statewide were warned to set their thermostats to 78 degrees or higher, not use large appliances, turn off unnecessary lights, and not charge electric vehicles in times of power shortages. Ernst stated  “During a hot summer, liberal leaders told folks to set the AC to 78 degrees to compensate for failed Democratic policies,” She Continued “Secretary of Energy Granholm praised the move, saying states like California are leading by example,” 

The Republican senator is putting her words into action. 

This legislation, called the “Lead by Example Act,” follows Western grid operators’ request for customers to increase their thermostats during scorching summer temperatures. DOE and EPA buildings would have to set a minimum room temperature of 78 degrees whenever they use air conditioning under Ernst’s bill.

“Not only will this make Washington bureaucrats think twice before imposing arbitrary rules on Americans, it could even save money,” Ernst said. “It’s time to make ‘em squeal, and sweat!”

As the agency overseeing the executive branches’ building and real estate management, the US General Services Administration, such a move would actually fall within its room temperature guidelines.

According to GSA guidelines, federal buildings should have summer temperatures between 74 and 78 degrees, with local variations acceptable. Winter temperatures should hover between 68 and 72 degrees, according to the guidelines.

As Gavin Newsom told people to turn up their thermostats to help the grid while wearing a fleece sweater, we see government offices and lawmakers not following their own rules. As a nation, we have never faced an energy crisis until recently, after all these green energy moves. The Democrats want us back in the stone age.

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GOP Senator Launches Bill To Make Biden Admin LITERALLY Sweat Under Their Own Policies

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