HILARIOUS: Kinzinger Compares Liz Cheney to Heroic Wartime Leader and Gets SLAMMED

HILARIOUS: Kinzinger Compares Liz Cheney to Heroic Wartime Leader and Gets SLAMMED
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IF you thought that our RINO Congressmen couldn’t get any less self aware then think again. Adam Kinzinger just reached new levels of absurdity when he compared Liz Cheney to a heroic wartime leader. JUst wait until you hear who he said.

In case you weren’t already convinced that these anti-Trump Republicans were lunatics, you might be now.

According to American Lookout. Adam Kinzinger, the anti-Trump Republican, made a hilarious comparison between Liz Cheney and Winston Churchill during World War II. Kinzinger said Cheney acted with courage before comparing her to Winston Churchill.

This wild claim isn’t the only reason Kinzinger is in the news right now.

According to Breitbart. Last week, Republican strategist Alex Bruesewitz sent a cease and desist letter to the Congressman after claiming the congressman defamed him by publishing details about the federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans he received during the Coronavirus pandemic.

On social media, the congressman sarcastically asked if Bruesewitz had paid back the PPP loans he received during the Coronavirus pandemic. He published a screenshot of a website showing Bruesewitz received a PPP loan for payroll of $25,000 at that time.

Kinzinger’s comments were in response to Bruesewitz claiming that the congressman supported President Joe Biden calling the millions of Americans who voted for former President Donald Trump “enemies of the state.”

The following Monday, Bruesewitz, a pro-Trump political strategist and CEO of X Strategies LLC, “strongly” suggested that the congressman retract his statement and issue an apology for “deliberately & maliciously” defaming him

Bruesewitz said Kinzinger accused a private citizen of defrauding the U.S. government by accepting the PPP loans to pay his employees. “Only problem is, he knew I had employees. My attorney, @JeffClarkUS has sent Kinzinger a Cease & Desist,” he said.

After ten years in Congress, Kinzinger announced last October he would retire.

Kinzinger has spent the last year attacking Republicans on CNN and MSNBC as well as the January 6 Committee. By the end of next year, no one will be talking about him and he will fade away into obscurity unlike Winston Churchill.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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