Here’s What You Need to Know About the Coming German Power Grid Collapse and Who is To Blame

Here's What You Need to Know About the Coming German Power Grid Collapse and Who is To Blame
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Germany’s power grid will be on the brink of collapse and it could take down the entire European Union with it. Millions of people are set to use inefficient electric heaters that would drain the grid and collapse the grid. This is a disaster waiting to happen. German utility companies are sounding the alarm. Now the whole country, perhaps the whole continent, could go dark if something doesn’t change.

As cold weather begins to spread across Europe, millions of people will be left huddled around their inefficient electric heaters. But what they may not know is that this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back – Germany’s power grid is on the brink of collapse!

According to Zero Hedge. Due to Russia’s decision to halt supplies of natural gas via Nord Stream 1, Germany’s electric grid will be crippled for the foreseeable future. Reuters reports that Germans may overload their power grid this winter as they switch to inefficient electric heaters in an effort to avoid gas shortages.

German households are stocking up on electric heaters, including portable devices, amid fears that Russia will reduce gas supplies after its war with Ukraine.

As the price of food and energy hit ridiculous levels. The German people took to the streets last week to demand that Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his government resign.

BDEW, the German association of energy and water utilities, told Handelsblatt that customers may face even higher power bills if they do not use the devices sparingly.

BDEW director Kerstin Andreae was quoted as saying. “And they can overburden the power grids, for instance when many households switch on their fan heaters in one part of town at the same time on a cold winter’s night,” She said she understood people’s fears of cold homes, but some of the coping mechanisms could backfire.

After Russia halted supplies through Nord Stream 1 natural gas pipeline, Germany and other European Union countries are scrambling to support homes and businesses burdened by spiraling energy prices. No matter what Europe does, it can’t print natural gas or commodities, which is why Charif Souki, chairman of Tellurian, said that European buyers will be paying $120 to $150 per barrel for energy in the future regardless of the source.

Europe will be short on natural gas supplies this winter and over the next several winters, Souki said, adding, “In the short term, it will be obscene, but over time, I think that if everyone does the right thing, then all of the energy prices will equalize.”

During the first half of the year, Germans bought 600,000 electric heating devices, up 35% from a year earlier, according to market researcher GfK. Following the recent turmoil on Germany’s energy market, the final number will likely be in the millions

This could lead to disaster as European countries are interconnected. If one country’s grid collapses, it could take down the entire continent. With winter coming on and people trying to avoid gas shortages by using electric heaters, this could be a recipe for disaster. Have you heard about this potential problem? What do you think should be done to prevent it?

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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