MELTDOWN: Martha’s Vineyard Libs Turn On Each other After 50 Illegals Disrupt Their Island Paradise

MELTDOWN: Martha’s Vineyard Libs Turn On Each other After 50 Illegals Disrupt Their Island Paradise
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Following Desants’ brilliant move to send Illegal aliens to Matha’s Vineyard an investigative reporter for the area, the Senior editor for Turtleboy Daily News, 

Aidan Kearney captured the meltdowns liberals were having in a local Facebook Group. Apparently virtue signaling is fine from 2000 miles away but when push comes to shove the liberal elites on Martha’s Vineyard couldn’t take the heat. 

Turtleboy Daily News documented the Martha’s vineyard facebook group of liberal residents turning on each other and calling out their friends and neighbors for not letting migrants in their summer homes. 

One person questioned “Find them housing? I’m sorry but I thought there was a housing shortage here?” When another asked “what do they need? Someone replied “Housing, you have two summer rentals” 

After criticizing Desantis’ move one person responded “Obama has room” to which they said, “I’m sure he does but that’s not the point”

Another thread shows just how out of touch these people are. Ron DeSantis is sick because he’s sending people to an island paradise where they are welcomed” “Permanent housing? I thought we were just doing a weekend camp out?” “I’m not willing to let them live with me but I have some hand me down clothes. I’m a good person, right?”

Despite all the people unwilling to help, there was one liberal among them who decided to practice what they preach and argued in the group to stick to their word and support the immigrants.

According to a very reliable source the migrants will soon be put on a boat and become Falmouth’s problem. The national guard is being mobilized for this. 50 people. Texas deals with thousands every day with no help from the federal government.

Our favorite Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre was just grilled over the illegal immigrant crisis after remarks she made about the issue.

Another even offered to PAY to ship the Illegals back replying to a call for residents to take in illegals: “I’ll pay so send them back to their country, they’ll be taking housing away from people that have put in for it.”

Ron Desantis’ move of sending illegal immigrants to Martha’s vineyard also caused quite a stir at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

According to The Daily Caller. Pierre called the policy of transporting illegal migrants from Florida and Texas to Democrat-run cities “cruel.” The press secretary said the policy is a “political stunt.”

Reporters also pressed Pierre Thursday on the border crisis as illegal migrants continue to land in liberal cities.

Specifically, reporters pressed her on the White House’s position after Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent two planes of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard Wednesday evening. NBC News Chief White House correspondent Kristen Welker asked her about Vice President Kamala Harris’ claims that the U.S.-Mexico border is “secure.”

The Press secretary also said that immigrants arriving in Martha’s vineyard deserve better. Get a load of this. 

Instead of embracing illegal immigrants who were shipped to their cities from Texas, Arizona, and Florida, Democrats are calling the practice cruel. It’s wild but not surprising to see this type of reaction. Democrats feel good about themselves when they decide to make their communities sanctuary cities, but quickly regret it once push comes to shove. At least now they’ll admit there’s a border crisis and call on the federal government to do something about it. 

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

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