Shock Poll: Majority of Dems Send Message To Joe That Will Costs Him EVERYTHING For Dividing America

Shock Poll: Majority of Dems Send Message To Joe That Will Costs Him EVERYTHING For Dividing America
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According to a new poll Democrats are beginning to wake up to the hateful messaging coming out of the Biden administration and other liberal elite politicians. The news is shocking, but not unexpected.

Recent polls are indicating a massive switch in the Democrat party indicating that the messaging on calling Republicans domestic threats, is working against the Democrat party. 

Town Hall writes. As a result of Joe Biden’s recent hate speech against former President Trump, Americans have turned against him, including Democrats. 

62 percent of Americans believe Biden’s comments about Trump and his MAGA followers “increase division in the country,” while 73 percent of Democrats believe Biden’s MAGA comments increased division.

A shocking statistic is that more blacks and Hispanics (70%) view Biden’s hateful words as “divisive” than whites (58 %).  

As a result, Biden called Trump fans “semi-fascists” and accused them of undermining the “foundation of our republic.” 

This poll comes as the Biden administrations continued attacks calling Republicans a domestic threat.

Next news network writes. Jesse Watters accused President Joe Biden of turning the “War on Terror” into a war against Republicans – and using the same language that had been reserved for terrorists.

In his monologue on Monday evening, Watters attacked the president, arguing that Biden’s attack on the opposing political party was reminiscent of how former President George W. Bush referred to the attacks on American soil on 9/11.

The President is elected to serve everyone, not disenfranchise 74 million Americans. The divider in chief needs to heal the country and not divide it.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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