Hypocrite! Kamala Harris Flies Gas-Guzzling Private Jet To Fight Climate Change

Hypocrite! Kamala Harris Flies Gas-Guzzling Private Jet To Fight Climate Change
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 In another optically disastrous situation for Kamala Harris, she is caught taking a gas guzzling mode of transportation to tell the world how we need to fix climate change.

The liberal left is waging an all out war, attempting to force as many climate change laws as they can while they hold power. Across the nation states are making moves from fossil based power plants to wind and solar power stations. On the front it sounds like a great idea, but the technology and infrastructure are just not able to handle the demands coming from the populations. When the sun goes down, or the wind isn’t strong enough, the liberal states have to import power from states that still have coal and natural gas power plants. That immense amount of energy going across the grid is causing a massive amount of damage. Yet our ice President is out trying to entice any she can to sign onto the new push towards green energy.

The blaze reports. Kamala Harris flew to New York on Wednesday to deliver a speech on climate change on a gas-guzzling jet, proving her hypocrisy to the fullest.

“This morning, I’m heading to Buffalo, New York to highlight how we are taking climate action, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act,” a tweet on Harris’s Twitter account declared.

During her speech on Wednesday, Harris declared, “Your generation knows the threat of the climate crisis, because you have lived it. And for your entire lives thus far, you have seen our nation fail to act with the urgency this crisis demands.”

Kamala Harris is out pushing the progressive message on climate change, yet while states begin to implement their green energy pushes, their residents are suffering.

Washington Examiner writes. Environmental justice warriors are soberingly incapable of understanding how their own policies are hurting those they claim to help. Due to their mad rush to produce 100% renewable energy, the state is unable to deal with temperature changes and has instead asked consumers to limit their use of electricity between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. During these hours, most families are home from work or school and eating dinner.

Throughout the last few years, California has been on a downward spiral. As a result of Newsom’s 2020 executive order banning gas-powered vehicles, the state’s electricity grid should be preparing to meet the 2035 targets. However, it cannot. The problem isn’t effort – it’s ability.

In California, if we move too fast with aggressive climate goals without the technology to get there, more and more ordinary people will suffer while those who can afford workarounds won’t. As a result of rolling blackouts in California, the sale of backup generators increased, and most of those generators were diesel-powered, negating any environmental benefits. Rather than assessing whether its policies are delivering the desired results, the California legislature banned the sale of gas-powered portable generators.

While a move to renewable energy is a good one in the long run, for now it appears that the country is not ready for it. Too many people are suffering from the result of the failed implementations in California, and other woke states to roll this out nationwide. Kamala Harris needs to get off her soap box and get back on level with people, she is the walking definition of a hypocrite. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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