Migrant crisis solution? Here’s The LUXURY NYC Mayor Eric Adams has Proposed

Migrant crisis solution? Here’s The LUXURY NYC Mayor Eric Adams has Proposed
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Despite being a sanctuary city, New York Mayor Eric Adams is struggling with the influx of illegal immigrants being sent from Texas and Florida and even called them a burden on the city. Instead of sending them back to the border, Adams is contemplating a more luxurious solution for the migrants. This one is going to blow your mind.

You’re not going to believe this.

According to CBS News. In an exclusive interview, Mayor Eric Adams said cruise ships could be a potential solution to the housing crisis, as another convoy of buses filled with asylum seekers arrived Friday at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

The plan was revealed during a CBS2 talk show interview with Marcia Kramer.

Those ships won’t be called the “Love Boat” or “Good Ship Lollypop,” but the mayor said the city intends to honor its commitment to provide shelter to all who need it.

Another convoy of buses carrying asylum seekers from Texas arrived as the mayor spoke. By mid-afternoon Friday, four buses had arrived. It was expected that three more would be reported by the end of the day.

In recent months, 11,600 migrants have been sent to the city, and the mayor says he can’t open the shelters and hotels fast enough.

Furthermore, the mayor said he is working with the Biden administration to speed up the process of obtaining work permits for asylum seekers.

According to The Daily Wire. In comparison to the more than four million illegal immigrants who crossed the southern border since President Biden took office, the number of migrants bussed to his city is minuscule.

During the interview with WCBS, Adams stated that 11,000 migrants had been bussed to his city. Only 2,500 migrants were sent to New York, according to Abbott’s press release two days before the interview, while thousands more were bussed to other cities.

The forty-eight migrants who arrived on Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday voluntarily left the island by ferry on Friday.

A twenty-eight-year-old Venezuelan man with his parents came to the United States. The man says he’s hoping to find work and make his family a better life.

Kathy Hochul has also said that thousands of jobs are available throughout the state. Adams said migrants could fill job openings upstate, which would ease the city’s housing shortage.

Yes you heard that right. While middle class Americans are struggling, our leaders want to put people who crossed into our country illegally on cruise ships and give them jobs. The rule of law and order has shattered in our country and this is just another example.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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