Watch Bill Clinton’s Awkward Reaction When Asked About Ken Starr’s Death

Watch Bill Clinton's Awkward Reaction When Asked About Ken Starr's Death
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One of the only people who did not get Clintoned passed last week, and as you can guess Bill Clinton had a response that was less than “political”

During the 90’s, Bill Clinton was impeached for having a scandalous affair with a White House employee Monica Lewinsky. Clinton and the Democrats lied to the American people, but Ken Starr led the investigation that revealed the truth.

Remember this well turns out he lied to the American People. Ken Starr made sure the truth was discovered.

 Washington Examiner wrote. On Sunday, Bill Clinton broke his silence about the death of former prosecutor Ken Starr.

76-year-old Starr passed away nearly a week ago after a long illness. Most notably, he investigated the Whitewater real estate controversy and the Lewinsky affair, which led to Clinton’s impeachment.

Former President Bill Clinton was asked about Ken Starr, who led the investigation that led to his impeachment.

Monica Lewinski has also chimed in on the passing of Ken Starr.

During the first Bush administration, Starr served as U.S. solicitor general, arguing dozens of cases before the Supreme Court. Previously, he was a federal appeals judge and a Justice Department official.

But Starr gained fame for his role in the Whitewater investigation during Clinton’s presidency.

A probe into the Clintons’ real estate investments eventually expanded to include Monica Lewinsky’s affair with the former president. 

Lewinsky on Tuesday responded to Starr’s death on Twitter.

“As I’m sure many can understand, my thoughts about Ken Starr bring up complicated feelings… but of more importance, is that I imagine it’s a painful loss for those who love him,” Lewinsky wrote shortly after the news of Starr’s death broke. 

Given the Clintons involvement with all the unfortunate deaths over the years it is amazing that the one person who did the most damage to the legacy of the Clintons name survived that long. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Starr family.

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