Watch What Happens When Squad Member Ayanna Pressley Tries to Revive MAJOR HOAX

Watch What Happens When Squad Member Ayanna Pressley Tries to Revive MAJOR HOAX
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One of the congressional “Squad” members  just embarrassed themselves this week after trying to revive the Border Patrol Whipping hoax. Virtue signaling can be dangerous and you’re about to see it in action. 

This one didn’t end well for the congresswoman. 

According to TownHall. In a tweet on Tuesday, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) attempted to revive last year’s Border Patrol whipping hoax with a picture that was initially shared as “evidence”.

Pressley tweeted. “This happened one year ago today. #1YearAfterDelRio, we won’t stop fighting for *real* accountability & an immigration system that affirms asylum as the fundamental human right that it is,” 

In spite of the fact that the accusations of whipping were quickly debunked after photos and videos of the incident were released, they caused Democrats and progressives to falsely accuse the horseback agents of crimes they did not commit. Border officials concluded, following a lengthy investigation, that the agents did not strike Haitians crossing the international bridge illegally. Fox News has more. 

Fox News Reports. Users quickly rebuked Pressley’s tweet for spreading false information.

One user responded “This was debunked a year ago. Why are you trying to make this a hashtag?” 

Another said. “Debunked you pathetic grifter, get a life.”

Gerry Callahan went scorched earth saying. What happened? A border agent did his job? Or are you still spreading the lie that they whipped illegal aliens? Because you know that’s a lie so that would be a pretty scummy thing to do. Even for you.” 

Days after the outrage cycle began, the photographer who took the photo used in Pressley’s tweet said he didn’t see any whipping. Furthermore, Border Patrol agents are not issued whips. 

Who cares about facts when you have a narrative to push? That’s exactly how the  Democrats think and that was on full display by Pressley’s tweet. These people truly have no shame. 

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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