Caught on Camera: LIberal Hypocrisy On Illegal Immigrants Coming To NYC

Caught on Camera: LIberal Hypocrisy On Illegal Immigrants Coming To NYC
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 Liberals caught on tape going against the Democrat narrative on NYC being a welcoming area for illegal immigrants.

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Finally! Caught on tape everyday woke liberals in New York city finally admit on camera that NYC is overpopulated and cannot have any more immigrants come to their city, but where they say to send them is a bit shocking.

A Daily Caller video showing key differences between some Texas and New York City residents’ mindsets about illegal immigration went viral Monday after its release.

The video “New Yorkers Like Immigrants: But Not In Their City!” showcased Daily Caller’s Noah Pincus and Jorge Ventura interviewing people in the streets of NYC, Dallas and Del Rio, asking them about their thoughts on immigration and Abbott’s recent bussing of migrants from Texas to NYC.

This clip comes after Republican governors are sending illegal immigrants from border states to liberal sanctuary cities and states. 

Next News network reported. Lori Lightfoot said she will meet with Biden administration officials about migrants arriving from Mexico.

She told reporters during a press conference, “I’m going to Washington later this week and going to be sitting down with some of the folks to describe for them what the conditions are on the ground here in Chicago, but also make sure that federal help is coming.”

She’s made it clear on more than one occasion that she’s not happy with the busloads of illegal immigrants sent to her city by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. She even went so far as to label him a “racist” and a “bad Christian.”

Desantis and Abbot are both geniuses when it comes to the moves they made to ship illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. All it did was show the glaring hypocrisy in the woke liberal leaders. Martha’s Vineyard deported the illegals from their island in less than 40 hours, Lightfoot Called for federal aid within an hour of buses showing up, JB pritzker declared a state of emergency within 2 days of illegal immigrants coming on buses, and demanded federal aid. Muriel bowser of Washington DC demanded national guard troops when buses showed up in her city. All the while 2+ Million illegal immigrants have poured across our border states in just the last 9 months alone. Something needs to change.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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