Get Excited, America! The GOP Is Coming Back With a Vengeance in 2022

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Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the House minority leader, announced an agenda for the House Republicans if they retake control after the November midterm elections.

According to the Daily Wire, McCarthy’s new agenda, the Commitment to America, began back in 2020 when he tried to form a bipartisan China Task Force, but Democrats refused to join. As a result, Republicans decided not to include any Democrats in their task force, which ultimately yielded hundreds of policy recommendations.

McCarthy announced the formation of seven task forces at last year’s Republican retreat in Orlando, including Jobs and the Economy, Future of American Freedoms, China Task Force, American Security, Big Tech, Censorship, and Data, Healthy Futures, and Energy, Climate, and Conservation.

Over the past year, the task forces have held a number of roundtable events, member meetings, and briefings with policy experts and stakeholders, held town halls across the country, and made policy proposals on a “rolling” basis.

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced at this year’s retreat in Ponte Vedra that the party would introduce a new version of Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America” in the fall.

There were four themes selected for the conference, including Strong Economy, Safe Nation, Future Built on Freedom, and Accountable Government. All of this happened while the task forces continued generating policy proposals for the agenda.

Here’s Leader McCarthy with more:

As noted by FOX, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., won a GOP majority in the 1990s with his “Contract With America” which is why our GOP leaders now are attempting to follow that same approach.

Next News Network Team

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