CNN Might Be Sold To FOX and Liberals Are PANICKING!

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CNN’s new CEO has been making significant changes to the network, and democrats and other left-leaning media have become concerned that one of their strongest allies might be leaving.

According to Trending Politics, many democrats have complained about CNN’s upcoming decision to focus on centrist news coverage instead of its known biased reporting, and have tried their best to return it to its old ways.

Recently, there have been speculations that these changes are not simply intended to make the network unbiased. There has been speculation that CNN will be sold to Fox News.

The head of Media Matters For The Nation, Angelo Carusone, expressed fear that those speculations may come true. SiriusXM’s Den Obeidallah interviewed Carusone on Friday and he stated this.

You can watch his remarks, here.

Twitter users reacted to this story, with one writing, “The left is continuing to cry that they are losing their ability to spout propaganda a lies without push back.”

Another said, “So… Cnn wants to get better ratings by stopping their gaslighting?”

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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