GLOBALIST MELTDOWN Ensues After First Female Prime Minister Elected in Italy – Here’s Why

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As Giorgia Meloni takes over as Italy’s first female prime minister, the globalist media isn’t celebrating the moment. In fact it is the exact opposite.

FOX News reports, In the American media, Meloni is being compared with Italy’s fascist dictator of WW2. Her coalition’s anti-establishment views, criticism of the European Union, and socially conservative views were also criticized in the press. Across Europe, conservative parties have been successful and gained ground in recent years, including in Sweden, France, Hungary, and Poland.

In response to her win, media outlets around the world slammed the Italian victor, smearing her with criticizing headlines.

As to be expected, MSNBC media hack, Joy Reid echoed her colleagues in the media in suggesting that Giorgia Meloni’s victory in the Italian election was a major victory for neofascism.

Satire news site, The Babylon Bee, hit the nail on the head mocking the let’s double standards with their headline:

“Leftists Announce They No Longer Support Strong, Independent Women”

But conservatives in America are rising up to show support for the first female new Italian Prime Minister.

Senator Ted Cruz shared Meloni’s speech on Twiter and simply captioned it, “spectacular”

Conservative celebrity Candace Cameron Bure also commented on the video, saying. “Let’s GO!!!!!!!!!” and then sharing a bunch of emojis, including fire, clapping hands, and praise hands.

In Addition, on FOX news, Piers Morgan criticized the mainstream media for labeling Italy’s fiscally conservative candidate “far right.”

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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