Find Out Why Some States Aren’t Happy With Biden’s Nationwide EV Charging Network

Find Out Why Some States Aren't Happy With Biden’s Nationwide EV Charging Network
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Coming to a highway near you, the Federal Government has just approved a plan to put electric car chargers on every highway in America.

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The nation is facing a power crisis and our infrastructure is crumbling in some states, where Governors are warning residents to not use large appliances or charge their electric vehicles. Yet, the Department of Transportation just came out with a new plan to install electric car chargers along every major highway in all 50 states. 

Western journal reports. America will soon have new electric vehicle charging stations on its highways. As part of the Biden administration’s plan to spur widespread adoption of zero-emission cars, all 50 states approved Tuesday a nationwide network of EV charging stations located roughly every 50 miles along interstate highways.

EV charger plans from 17 states were approved by the Transportation Department, which released $1.5 billion in federal funds to all jurisdictions nationwide. The goal is to have 500,000 electric vehicle chargers nationwide by installing or upgrading chargers along 75,000 miles of highway from coast to coast, requiring $5 billion in funding over five years.

This announcement comes after California restricted its residents from charging their vehicles.

Next News Network previously reported. California announced that residents were not allowed to run major appliances or charge their electric vehicles from 4pm till morning due to increased power usage across the state. Newsom also urged residents to keep their thermostats set to 78 degrees and not run their air conditioning.

So now that Americans are completely confused on being allowed to use electricity, what will the Fed do? It is a good thing that the federal government is installing these chargers as it will lend to safety for drivers, but what happens when the power grid cannot sustain it? Often times the Government makes decisions for states and makes them shoulder the costs involved with it, which in turn gets shoved down to taxpayers to foot the bill.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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