UFC World ROCKED After Dana White Appears On Tucker Carlson With SHOCKING Message

UFC World ROCKED After Dana White Appears On Tucker Carlson With SHOCKING Message
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Dana White takes a public stand on how he feels about President Trump, and is not shy about his opinion.

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Dana White has taken a lot of heat over the years for his friendship with Donald Trump, but he is not letting the liberal mobs separate him from a true friend.

Trending politics writes. Dana White, the head of the UFC, never holds back about his beliefs and his company. The UFC fans respect White for keeping it as real as the action in the octagon, even if it does lead to criticism from Twitter and the media. A prime example is White’s friendship with President Trump and his refusal to rebuke him.

Let’s Watch.

Dana White has been strong in his support of President Trump for years even after J6.

Insider reports. When Insider questioned Dana White on January 15th 2021 about his relationship with Trump post J6  White responded with “ We have been and continue to be great friends since 2001” White also stated that he “did not care if the UFC lost viewers because of his support of Trump”

With the way of politics nowadays it is hard to find people that will stand alongside you when the world is coming down, but it is good to know that Dana White is not a fair weather friend, he is a true fighter down to his core and will go to the mat for his friends.

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