You won’t believe what this top Biden advisor had to say about the MAGA Republican agenda

You won't believe what this top Biden advisor had to say about the MAGA Republican agenda
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 Senior White House Advisor Keisha Lance Bottoms takes some hard swings against the “domestic threats” which, according to her, Biden, and the rest of the lunatic left , are Maga Republicans. 

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Ever since the Darth Brandon speech the lefts’ rhetoric against Republicans is intensifying, and it is being pushed by every major establishment media outlet that exists.

The Blaze reports. During an interview on Sunday, a Biden advisor claimed that the “MAGA Republican agenda” was to “essentially destroy the United States of America.”

MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” with Jonathan Capehart featured Keisha Lance Bottoms’ comments.

A stunning statement by Biden kicked off these attacks on 74 million Americans.

Next news network previously reported. Forget about promises of unity, Biden is threatening to use F-15 fighters against American citizens. 

As the left ramps up for the midterms they are taking a dangerous approach in riling up their base to vote. Already there has been a murder in North Dakota over political reasons, and the continued rhetoric from the left is riling up more people to do the same.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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