CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Biden Handlers Jump into Action When He Wanders Off during FEMA Meeting

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Biden Handlers Jump into Action When He Wanders Off during FEMA Meeting
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Just two days after Biden called out for a deceased congresswoman, he made himself a fool in front of the country again. This time was different though, as the officials around him noticed, and tried to stop him. 

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Joe Biden spoke at FEMA headquarters Thursday when he showed America another sign that he may have a serious cognitive health problem.

According to the Daily Wire, following his remarks, President Joe Biden appeared to veer off course during a FEMA press conference Thursday afternoon, prompting an official to grab his attention.

As Biden walked over to a group of workers who started clapping for him, FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell moved laterally and tried to briefly reach out and grab him.

Biden’s FEMA stunt follows another gaffe just days prior, where he called out for a deceased congresswoman during a White House event.

Twitter users reacted to Biden’s back-to-back gaffes, with one simply writing, “hospice”

Another commented, “Why are Americans just standing by and watching this?”

And another user said, “This is so sad. Put trump back please”

It is imperative that we have a strong leader whose head is in the right place, especially during these trying times. We need to be sure our leaders are healthy and able to make sound decisions for our country.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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