Betrayal! Mitt Romney Leaves Republican Senator Out To Dry

Betrayal! Mitt Romney Leaves Republican Senator Out To Dry
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Mitt Romney is not the shining example of what a Conservative Republican Senator should be, he is in fact a RINO. 

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It is pretty well known at this point that Mitt Romney is a RINO of the highest order, quite possibly in the same rank and file as Kinsinger and Liz Cheney. Romney does not miss a chance to turn his back on any America First candidate, or agenda.

Daily wire reports. Mitt Romney, who has been accused of being squishy on conservative issues, has refused to endorse Utah GOP Senator Mike Lee, a strong conservative, in his reelection campaign, outraging fellow Republicans.

In November, Lee will face Evan McMullin, an expert on the Constitution. As McMullin ran his campaign in 2016, he likely siphoned votes from Donald Trump.

On September 9, Lee posted a list of the GOP senators who supported him for re-election. Every GOP senator was listed except one: Romney. “I am grateful for the support of my Senate colleagues. Together, we will continue the fight for the American people. The failures of the Biden Administration and Democrats have damaged our nation for long enough,” Lee tweeted.

This news comes after Mitt Romney voted on the Democrat gun bill.

Next news network reported. Ten total House Republicans signed on to raise the age to purchase an assault rifle from 18 to 21. On that list is Republican Senator Mitt Romney has also signaled that he plans to support raising the age to purchase these weapons, although he hasn’t indicated any support for the larger bill that passed the House.

Mike Lee is in a tough battle, and every bit of help he can get is needed. RINOS like Mitt Romney can exert a lot of influence and bring some assets to the table to help other Republican candidates, yet he doesn’t.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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