Here is Denver’s CRAZY Plan To End Homelessness… or MAKE IT WORSE

Here is Denver’s CRAZY Plan To End Homelessness… or MAKE IT WORSE
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Denver city council has just approved a quarter of a billion dollar homeless resettlement plan.

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In Denver Colorado, homelessness has plagued the city for some time now, with policies favorable to the homeless and more homeless arriving every day. They are now facing a crisis. 

The Blaze Reports. To end the housing crisis, Denver’s Department of Housing Stability (HOST) has announced its latest five-year strategy, which includes building 1,700 affordable homes, improving pathways to homeownership, decommissioning encampments, investing in hotel options, providing housing stability programs to more than 8,000 households and supporting more than 2,500 households experiencing homelessness through rehousing and supportive housing.

To dismantle systemic racism in the Denver metropolitan area, HOST is approaching its latest initiative through an equity lens. As part of the strategy, a disparity study will be conducted to document and propose solutions that advance equity in Denver’s housing market.

HOST will receive funding from a variety of sources, including Denver’s General Fund, the Affordable Housing Fund, the Homelessness Resolution Fund, federal grants, and COVID recovery funds.

Denver previously announced a pretty controversial homeless fund with another woke program. 

Next News Network previously reported. What could possibly go wrong? That seems to be the question on the minds of the Denver City Council as they prepare to reward people $2,000 a month to be homeless and trans. Critics are already accusing city officials of trying to create a “social experiment” with taxpayer money, and it’s not hard to see why. With homelessness on the rise in Denver and across the country, this seems like a reckless way to spend taxpayer dollars. Additionally Denver plans to dole out free phones and $12,000 apiece to 140 homeless women and transgender and “non-binary” people over the next year as part of a bigger partnership with a local nonprofit, according to a report.

Denver will never solve their homelessness with handing out free money and incentives, all they are going to do is encourage more homeless to move into the area. Woke and liberal agendas seem to only increase homelessness and crime not solve either.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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