ABANDONED: TX Sheriff UNLEASHES On Biden’s Lack Of Border Policy

ABANDONED: TX Sheriff UNLEASHES On Biden’s Lack Of Border Policy
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A Sheriff in Texas is not happy with the Biden administration’s lack of support for border control efforts, and is calling for help.

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The border is wide open, every day thousands of illegal immigrants cross the border along with tons of illegal drugs and weapons.

Breitbart reported. While speaking with Fox News in an interview released on Friday, Maverick County, TX Sheriff Tom Schmerber said he has received “no help” from President Joe Biden and “I don’t think the federal government is helping anybody here.” Schmerber also called for a “zero tolerance” policy where people who enter illegally are deported right away and people who want to apply for asylum can apply at embassies outside the U.S. and stated that “it’s like there’s no control. The borders are open.”

Lets Watch.

BRIDGE. The cry for help has been going out for months if not years. 

SOURCE 2. Next News Network Previously reported. Kamala Harris recently gave an interview where a reporter unexpectedly pushed her hard on the border crisis America is facing. During the interview Kamala looked visibly taken aback, and had trouble forming the lies she was about to tell. We all know as Americans that the border crisis is worsening, yet she tried to blame trump.

Kamala Harris looks like a deer in the headlights, she would be horrible at poker. It is apparent to anyone paying attention that the border is in crisis, and millions of illegals are pouring across. The Biden administration is doing nothing but encouraging those individuals to come. We need the border to be secure. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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