WATCH These Dems Run Like COCKROACHES When When Questioned On The Border Crisis

WATCH These Dems Run Like COCKROACHES When When Questioned On The Border Crisis
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 Just like any time a Democrat is questioned on something they know they are wrong on, they avoid the question and run away. Shame.

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What do we expect from our elected Democrat officials, apparently being held accountable isn’t one of the items on their check lists. But it is on our checklist. 

Daily wire reports. Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin grilled several Democrats and Biden officials on camera for a Fox News segment that aired Monday afternoon.

Many of the Democrats that Melugin questioned either ignored him altogether or refused to answer his questions.

While Democrats are running away from being held accountable on the border criticism, the crisis remains real for everyday Americans.

Next news network reports. A Sheriff in Texas is not happy with the Biden administration’s lack of support for border control efforts, and is calling for help.  While speaking with Fox News in an interview released on Friday, Maverick County, TX Sheriff Tom Schmerber said he has received “no help” from President Joe Biden and “I don’t think the federal government is helping anybody here.” Schmerber also called for a “zero tolerance” policy where people who enter illegally are deported right away and people who want to apply for asylum can apply at embassies outside the U.S. and stated that “it’s like there’s no control. The borders are open.”

The crisis is real. Over 2 million illegal immigrants have come across the border and an untold amount of drugs, and terrorists. The left is doing nothing but encouraging those illegals to come across the border. This has to stop or America as we know it will cease to exist.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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