BREAKING: Biden’s Secret Doomsday Plan Leaked After They’re CAUGHT Stockpiling Critical Medicine

BREAKING: Biden's Secret Doomsday Plan Leaked After They’re CAUGHT Stockpiling Critical Medicine
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Hook: Biden’s secret doomsday plan has been leaked and it’s worse than we thought. They’ve been stockpiling a specific medicine in the event of a nuclear war. This is absolutely terrifying and raises a lot of questions about what they know.

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We now know Joe Biden has a secret doomsday plan in the event of a nuclear exchange with Vladimir Putin. Well, new information has just come to light that they’ve been stockpiling anti-radiation drugs in preparation for something big.

Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened the use of nuclear weapons, which prompted the US government to buy significant amounts of radiation-injury drugs.

According to MSN, US Health and Human Services (HSS) announced a $290 million contract for the drug Nplate to treat acute radiation syndrome (ARS). 

Government officials confirmed it was the first time the drug was bought from the California pharmaceutical company Amgen.

The purchase has been made just weeks after Putin’s renewed threat of nuclear war. As we previously reported, during a speech last month, he promised to protect Russia and its people by all means possible. He said, “This is not a bluff.”.

However, it has been claimed by the US government that the procurement of Nplate has nothing to do with the Ukrainian conflict.

An HSS spokesman told The Telegraph: “This is part of our ongoing work for preparedness and radiological security. It has not been accelerated by the situation in Ukraine.”

The drug Nplate is used to treat low platelet counts in adults and children with immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) when other treatments haven’t worked.

It’s quite clear that Joe Biden is keeping a dangerous secret from the American people. By stockpiling anti-radiation drugs, he is preparing for something that could have catastrophic consequences. What could he be hiding? And why won’t he tell us what he knows? We deserve to know the truth.

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