SHOCK VIDEO: UK Home Secretary Justifies Immigration Control Pushes Back On Racist Claims

SHOCK VIDEO: UK Home Secretary Justifies Immigration Control Pushes Back On Racist Claims
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In a stunning move by British Home Secretary Suella Braverman made a speech that left Americans wishing she was making policy here at home.

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England has been under a mass flow of immigrants, and illegal immigrants since 2001 when the middle eastern wars started. The country saw millions of refugees begin pouring into their nation. The Brits were not happy about it then, and they are most certainly not happy about it now, as the leftist side of the Government in England is lambasting the politicians to open the borders.

Daily Wire reports. As Britain’s top immigration and national security official, Braverman stressed Tuesday that securing the nation’s borders is one of her core missions. Braverman emphasized the need to institute migration policies that maintain the British economy and cultural identity. According to Braverman, protecting the integrity of a nation’s borders is not bigoted.

Let’s watch.

When it comes to illegal immigration in the states, liberals are quite hypoctitical. 

Next news network previously reported. A Daily Caller video showing key differences between some Texas and New York City residents’ mindsets about illegal immigration went viral Monday after its release.

The video “New Yorkers Like Immigrants: But Not In Their City!” showcased Daily Caller’s Noah Pincus and Jorge Ventura interviewing people in the streets of NYC, Dallas and Del Rio, asking them about their thoughts on immigration and Abbott’s recent bussing of migrants from Texas to NYC.


The British Home Secretary has it right. But Americans are stuck in the constant cycle of identity politics, and we know the left will never cede any points on illegal immigration. We need things to change here at home, and soon.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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