WATCH: Desantis Reveals Who They Caught Looting In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Ian

WATCH: Desantis Reveals Who They Caught Looting In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Ian
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Ron Desantis shocked everyone when he reported one single statistic from a recent looting spree in the aftermath of hurricane IAN.

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Ron Desantis is not one to hold back when he is calling out all the wrong in this country, and that seems to constantly irritate the left. Good. They need to report factually about the truth behind the American decline. 

Western journal reports. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida said during a Tuesday morning news conference that three of the four people arrested on charges of looting were illegally residing in the United States. Lee County sheriff’s deputies arrested Omar Mejia Ortiz, Valerie Celeste Salcedo Mena, Brandon Mauricio Araya and Stephen Eduardo Sanchez Araya, Western Journal reported. Ortiz faces a petit larceny charge, while the other three face charges of grand larceny.

Let’s Watch.

Ron Desantis has had some strong words for people who are looting in his home state.

Next news network previously reported. In areas affected by Hurricane Ian, looting has been a major concern, but Governor DeSantis is on top of things. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis warned would-be looters on Friday that entering homes of Ian victims would put their lives at risk. Governor Ron Desantis Stated “We’re a Second Amendment state,” 


Lucky for those illegal immigrants that were caught looting that it was the police that caught them and not home owners. Thank you Ron Desantis for making the truth be known about the crisis America is facing. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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