ASHES TO ASHES: Biden’s Warns World Of “Armageddon” If Putin Launches A Tactical Nuclear Weapon

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You may have heard of Armageddon. It’s actually a location in israel where the final battle between Jeus and Satan occurs at the end of days. But in secular terms it means total nuclear destruction. Now, According to Joe Biden, this is a reality we may be forced to face in the near future – if Russian president Vladimir Putin decides to launch a tactical nuclear weapon.

Speaking at a Democratic fundraiser, Thursday night Biden painted a grim picture of what could happen if Putin decides to take things too far.

During the event, the US president was his most outspoken about the threat of nuclear war to date, saying it was the closest the world had come to nuclear war for sixty years, comparing it to the Cuban missile crisis.

According to Biden, Russian President Vladimir Putin is not joking about using nuclear weapons in Ukraine since a Russian military train is reportedly transporting nuclear weapons equipment to the frontlines of the war, sparking fears that Putin’s use of nuclear weapons is imminent.

According to The Telegraph, the train “is operated by a secretive nuclear division associated with the Russian ministry of defence’s 12th main directorate.” The train was reportedly headed to Ukraine from central Russia when it was pictured on a Russian propaganda Telegram account.

Video of the supposed train was posted to youtube by “Canadian Prepper” a verified account with over 800 thousand followers.

It was noted that the train was carrying Iskander short-range ballistic missiles being transported to Kherson. They can be equipped with tactical nuclear warheads, but they can also be used conventionally.

All this as NATO is warning member states that Russia’s newest nuclear submarine has left its White Sea base.

Meanwhile the Independent reports, In light of Russia’s explicit threats to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, Poland has spoken to the US about having NATO’s nuclear weapons on its territory, However a white House official has denied knowledge of the issue.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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