Man Who Tried To Kill Kyle Rittenhouse Wants To Change His Name

Man Who Tried To Kill Kyle Rittenhouse Wants To Change His Name
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The man who pulled a gun and attempted to murder Kyle Rittenhouse is now seeking to sue the court system.

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One of the men who survived being shot by Kyle Rittenhouse, after attempting to kill him, has filed to change his legal name because he says he continues to face harassment over the case. 

The post millennial writes. According to post millennial, Gaige Grosskreutz, who testified that Rittenhouse shot him after he pulled his gun, called for an investigation by the Milwaukee County Clerk of Circuit Court “on how the sealed petition was leaked to a conservative news outlet this week.”

Grosskreutz, 29, released a statement after the petition was revealed to the public. Grosskreutz said “the real story here isn’t that I am seeking to change my name, but that a process that is supposed to protect and shield those in danger was undermined and sealed information was released to the right-wing media within hours of my filing,” the statement said.

Grosskretuz’s attorney has requested information about those with access to the petition. Grosskreutz did not respond to request for comment from post millennial.

This name change request happened almost a year after the conclusion of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Reuters reported.  A jury acquitted teenager Kyle Rittenhouse in November 2021 of murder in the fatal shooting of two men during racial justice protests in a decision that re-ignited fierce debate about gun rights and the boundaries of self defense in the United States.

Jurors found Rittenhouse, 18, not guilty on all charges: two counts of homicide, one count of attempted homicide for wounding a third man, and two counts of recklessly endangering safety in protests marred by arson, rioting and looting on Aug. 25, 2020 in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Rittenhouse broke down sobbing after the verdict and collapsed to the floor before being helped back into his chair, his hands shaking. His mother also wept.

Watch the famous ruling

This guy has a lot of nerve to be angry at the court system after the massive amounts of injustice Kyle Rittenhouse faced during his court trial. Every day the media and public was trying to intimidate the jurors, judges, and anyone they could around Kyle. So where was Gage’s sense of injustice when all of that was happening during Rittenhouse’s trial? Non-existent. 

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