WAIT, WHAT? The View Praises Governor Ron Desantis As BRILLIANT

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Crazy day indeed when Sunny Hostin from The View is spending air time on praising Governor Desantis, before making a backhanded comment on his recent dealings with illegal immigrants. 

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Governor Desantis gets compliments and endorsements from the left quite regularly, which in itself is shocking as he is doing things that are infuriating the left daily. 

Daily wire writes. Immediately after admitting that Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis was “brilliant,” Sunny Hostin insisted his intelligence proved that “cruelty is his point.”

On ABC’s midday talk show “The View,” Hostin spoke with her co-hosts about Hurricane Ian and the fact that DeSantis and President Joe Biden had largely cooperated on storm-related issues despite their many personal and political differences.


Desantis is not a fool, he knows exactly how to play the media to get what he wants. 

Ron Desantis is killing it and he just received the endorsement of Palm Beach Democrat Dave Kerner. Dave Kerner is the county’s Democratic commissioner, as well as the former two-term mayor. He is also a former City of Alachua law enforcement officer and served in Florida’s House of Representatives as the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee for two terms. In September Kerner Tweeted. “Endorsing Gov. @RonDeSantisFL was the obvious choice this election cycle. Gov. DeSantis’ Dem opponent has called for reallocation of resources away from law enforcement. FL cannot afford people like Charlie Crist who wants to defund the

Desantis has to be doing things right when Democrats from deep blue portions of the state are endorsing him. Jb Pritzker, Kathy Hochul, Gavin Newsom should be taking notes on how to enact policies that will reach across the aisle and do good for their citizens. Which should be the first focus for any public servant.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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