Biden Gets CRUSHED into DUST in EPIC TROLL After Using TWO WORDS TO Describe America

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The mainstream media did not cover Biden’s recent dementia moment.

According to RedState, the liberal media missed Joe Biden’s inability to properly count words when he told a crowd, “Let me start off with two words … Made in America.”

Despite the media blackout of the moment, people online did not miss their chance to make mockery of the moment.

Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted, “Two words; Let’s go, Brandon!”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Let me start off with two words: Crapped my pants”

Another said, “Math is hard”

One person simply tweeted, “25th amendment”

And another said, “”Made in America” except for oil of course!”

As noted by the Daily Wire, this isn’t the first time Biden failed to count words properly. Biden once thought the word “jobs” only had three letters.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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