Hilarious: Americans Left Scratching Their Heads As Biden Messes Up Statement Again

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Joe Biden is constantly spitting out word soup as he tries to sound impressive, or make bold statements. I cannot wait to show you this hilarious clip. 

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It seems that every day Biden says something that makes us wonder if there is in fact a gerbil on the wheel in his brain, or if he just sits and repeats what others are telling him what to say. I think we all know that answer.

Red state writes. Most of the time, Biden seems to have no idea what he’s saying. Basically, he’s reading from a teleprompter and hoping it turns out well. As a result, the country suffers from a constant embarrassment every day because every time he says something new, it makes one wonder why the heck he’s in the position he’s in because his presence is dangerous for us all and a continual source of embarrassment.

Biden was speaking on Thursday about the CHIPS and Science Act at IBM in Poughkeepsie, New York. While giving a speech about inflation, the economy and microchips being available to make cars, he made a statement that left the political world scratching their heads.

One funny twitter user Jay Yabrough clipped that statement. 


Joe Biden recently made another oopsie when he arrived in Florida that went viral.

Next News Network Reported. Joe Biden said on a hot mic in Fort Myers, Florida this week that “no one f***s with a Biden,” just hours after Russia and Saudi Arabia did just that.

While visiting Fort Myers Beach to assess the damage caused by Hurricane Ian, a near Category 5 hurricane, Biden made the comment to mayor Ray Murphy.

It should be apparent to most Americans by now that Joe Biden is not all there mentally. I wonder how long it will take for the leftist media to actually begin reporting this?

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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