PETA’s CRAZY New Plan to End Meat Strikes At the Core of Masculinity

PETA’s CRAZY New Plan to End Meat Strikes At the Core of Masculinity
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Ditch the meat or you won’t have any “adult time” with your animal loving partner.

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PETA or the People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals is always up to some media stunt to get people’s attention on ditching eating meat, or to get people to stop buying anything containing any animal product.

Ny Post reports. An animal rights group is calling for a sex ban to be placed on men who eat meat.

According to PETA’s German division, eating sausages and schnitzel is a sign of toxic masculinity and harms the environment.

The non-profit organization has urged women to go on a sex strike to “save the world”.

During Friday’s episode of Sky News Australia’s NewsDay, available to stream on Flash, Laura Weyman-Jones, marketing manager for PETA Australia discussed the ban.

PETA is always up to some insane or bizarre tactic to get media attention for the world to stop doing something since our species evolved.

Next News Network reported. Police arrested four PETA protesters Thursday after the group blocked access to a Starbucks store in the West End, according to News 5 Nashville. High plant-based milk prices were driving the group crazy.

At the West End Avenue entrances to the coffee shop, concrete was poured over the feet of four protesters, blocking access to the parking lot and drive-thru. Further blocking access to the store, the group linked together with caution tape.

Well I’m sure now that you have seen those clips you will be ditching those amazing smelling ribs, or the mouth watering Wagyu a5 steak that is just perfection in hopes of finding an adult partner. Media stunts are just that, stunts. PETA has been doing this for decades in attempts to get more followers, and get more media attention. By our estimation they will continue to do so for decades to come. When they do we will make sure to let you know. Until then enjoy those ribs and steaks.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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