DUMBED DOWN: Kamala Harris Talks To Americans Like They are 5 Year Olds

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Kamala Harris speaking at a political event talks to the crowd like they are a bunch of grade schoolers who have no idea what America is.

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Kamala Harris constantly has a demeaning tone, or her facial expressions just make you feel like she is being disingenuous. But as her term continues on it is not just a feeling it is a fact.

Red State reports. Kamala Harris visited the LBJ Library in Austin on Saturday. Being in Texas, you’d think she’d be planning to cross the border. According to reports, no such luck. At the library, she’ll talk about abortion, and then she’ll beg for money at a fundraiser. Priorities. The border doesn’t figure into Kamala’s plans at all. It was rare for Harris to deliver such a powerful speech. If I hadn’t listened to so many of her speeches, I would wonder if she was high. Either she’s high all the time or this is her normal state. More’s the pity for us. She was talking about the filibuster and as usual, she treats the audience like they are five years old when she speaks to them.

This report comes after Kamala Harris was recently embarrassed yet again on the border.

Next news Network reported. According to the Washington Examiner, an estimated 50 people exited a bus outside Harris’s estate in the northwest quadrant of Washington on Thursday morning. About three miles from the White House, Harris and previous vice presidents live in a large white house on the grounds of the Naval Observatory. Abbott has directed buses to Harris’s front door four times. The majority of buses arriving from Texas drop off at Union Station near the US Capitol. Kamala Harris did not exit her home to greet the immigrants


Kamala Harris treats people like they are children and don’t have a memory that lasts more than five minutes. She is a constant embarrassment to the office of Vice President, 2024 can’t come quickly enough.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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