Newsom DRAGGED online for CRAZY Proposal to Combat Gas Prices

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In some California areas, gas prices have reached $7 again just as Californians thought they had a break from high prices.

Now, According to Tonwhall, In an attempt to rip off what he calls oil companies’ greed, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-California) has called for an emergency legislative session to propose a tax.

“I’m calling for a Special Session to address the greed of oil companies. Gas prices are too high,” Newsom tweeted, adding “time to enact a windfall profits tax directly on oil companies that are ripping you off at the pump.”

Here’s CBS San Diego with more.

Twitter users called out Newsom for the move.

“Only an economically illiterate Democrat would think enacting yet another state tax on petroleum companies will bring about a decrease in gas prices LOL. You couldn’t make up this level of stupid if you tried,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Really strange how oil companies only get really greedy when they cross the California border,” someone else said.

In the meantime, Townhall notes that Assembly GOP leader James Gallagher and Assembly Budget Committee vice chair Vince Fong argued against Newsom calling a special session.

According to them, if the governor takes the action, the state’s gas tax should be suspended.

Newsom DRAGGED online for CRAZY Proposal to Combat Gas Prices

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