PARENTS CHEER! Youngkin CONFIRMS What Every Parent Already Knows

PARENTS CHEER! Youngkin CONFIRMS What Every Parent Already Knows
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Glen Youngkin has been a stalwart for parental rights, and now he has reaffirmed one single fact that left parents cheering. 

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Having outperformed all models for the Virginia elections and trended the state from deep blue to red, Glen Youngkin made promises on the education of children that should have been guaranteed, but was not with Democratic leadership.

Daily wire reports. Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin on Sunday defended the parents’ rights policy he instituted in his state.

Youngkin supported the new regulation affecting transgender students on CNN’s “State of the Union,” which emphasizes parents’ rights regarding their child’s gender identity. Parents have authority over their child’s upbringing, according to Youngkin, and the policy empowers them.

The governor also said that his policy would make accommodations for students if the parents decided that identifying them by their trans identity is best for their child.

However, Youngkin stressed that the policy would keep biological males out of girls’ sports.

The policy for students to use bathrooms by the gender assigned at birth was in stark contrast to previous legislation in Virginia.

Youngkin introduced the new policy in September after the Virginia Legislature passed a law in 2020 mandating public schools adopt policies consistent with a document created by former Democratic Governor Ralph Northam’s administration called Model Policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools. Youngkin’s administration overhauled the policy guidelines in the document, putting far more emphasis on parents’ rights and involvement, especially as it relates to their child’s gender identity.

This is a major victory for parents in Virginia as the state’s previous laws gave no care or regard for the wishes of parents who did not wish their children to share a bathroom with someone of the opposite gender. Good work Governor Youngkin.

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