NIKE might be woke But Phil Knight Sure Isn’t AS Millions Enter Oregon Governor Race

NIKE might be woke But Phil Knight Sure Isn’t AS Millions Enter Oregon Governor Race
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A co-founder of Nike is spending big bucks to fight the exact opposite political party of the company he co-founded is always backing. 

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NIKE is one of the most woke companies on the planet, and it is surprising to hear that the company’s Co-Founder Phil Knight is working his hardest to make sure that Republicans win this November in the midterms.

Washington Examiner writes. Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike, has donated several million dollars to independent candidate Betsy Johnson in Oregon’s gubernatorial race, but now he is investing into the Republican Candidate Christine Drazan.

Last week, Knight contributed $1 million to Republican Christine Drazan, and in early September he donated $3.75 million to Johnson. Johnson lags in third place in the polls behind Drazan and former state rep. Tina Kotek, the Democratic nominee.

Let’s watch.

Knight’s shift comes after some surprising polls came out of the Oregon’s Governors race. 

Next news network previously reported. 

The University of Virginia’s Center for Politics moved its Crystal Ball rating for the Oregon gubernatorial race from “Leans Democratic” to “Toss-Up,” suggesting a Republican victory. Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Kansas, and most recently, Oregon, have toss-up governorships. In Oregon, Republicans have not won a gubernatorial election since 1982, according to the Center.

It shouldn’t be surprising that many Americans are rejecting the severe leftist ideals, crime, and rampant homelessness in Oregon. We hope that with the help of Phil Knight Christine Drazan can pull off the first Republican victory in Oregon since 1982.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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